I Caught Up with Him Last Week

In fact there is not a whole lot that I can do not that I have found the boss. He is a grown man with access to almost unlimited resources, his marriage has exploded and he has a pretty good drinking problem to go along with that problem. Apparently he has figured out how to hire at least two European escorts, at least when I see two beautiful 20 something girls hanging out with a 56 year old millionaire I have to assume they are on the payroll. The company does not really need him to operate on a day to day basis. It is not as though Jack is making the important decisions about how we run things. We hardly ever saw him in the office, much less in any of the production facilities. I run the shop, Mrs. White runs the office. What we need him to do is to handle the big fish. He is really awesome at drinking and playing golf with out rich guys. Like fish swim he just manages to get them to sign big contracts. This young guy we have tags along and does the nuts and bolts work.

I was amazed at these two girls. When I rang the door bell I am pretty sure that one of them cursed me out in Russian or some other language. Later on the other one told me that she was from Estonia. She then showed me a contract. Apparently Jack had taught her enough to sell. I hate to think how she did it, however she had gotten the signature on the contract and she wanted me to give her the commission. Jack laughed at the bewildered expression on my face and told me that the girl seemed to be some sort of genius at our line of business.